The Premium Product

Available through our exclusive channels, experience an upmarket delicacy as impossibly unique as it is immeasurably delectable, Kitty Bacon. Our cuts are sourced from the youngest, most tender baby kitten calves, and these belly-cut succulents will leave you believing you've finally experienced bacon as it was ever meant to be. Discover why kitty bacon truly is …

The veal of the salted, cured meats.™

The Stock

Our organic cream and free-range chicken fed kittens are guaranteed hormone and antibiotic free and raised in the Upper Midwest of the United States. While some adhere to the bonsai methodology in rearing kits as livestock, our handlers treat our every feline with the humanity and dignity due such an exquisite and flavorful luxury. The all-natural diet afforded each kitten calf assures that every cut be a supple one, deliciously replete with marbling throughout.

The Process

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